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Our mission

Let’s change the rules


The Shemsi Values

Let’s change the rules


Shemsi takes care of you with products designed for maximum comfort and safety.

We use technological fabrics that are moisture-proof and leak-proof, soft and breathable.

Women are free to move around and don't have to worry about their periods.


Shemsi works for the democratization of durable and non-disposable menstrual protection.

Shemsi lingerie offers women autonomy, well-being and freedom of movement.

Shemsi changes women's daily lives by bringing out the diversity of bodies in a free spirit.


Shemsi allows women to purchase durable, quality sanitary pads at the best price.

Shemsi saves you up to 70% compared to buying disposable sanitary pads each year.


On average, 45 billion pieces of sanitary protection are thrown away each year worldwide.

Washable and reusable, a Shemsi produces no waste and provides a sustainable solution by significantly reducing the environmental impact of disposable sanitary protection.

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